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Scented sachets to hang 
Scent: Bouquet of Roses 
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About the brand

In the purest tradition of French perfumery, the
Maryse à Paris scented collection includes great classics, always with elegance, charm and poetry. The Maryse à Paris collections are intimate and personal, in a subtle universe of Parisian elegance. With her refined creations, Maryse à Paris renews the world of scents.

About the collections

Each collection of scented sachets has its own theme and therebye its own smell. There are fragrances for Christmas and Easter. But
also for in your kitchen or drawer. There are smells for different types of men, the DIY-husband, the player, the dreamer, the business man or the athlete.
Another collection is for the women. 
Some collections are inspired through wine or the  flowers in your garden. Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship. Elk item is een unieke uiting van vakmanschap

About the smells

Spicy amber: bouquet of citrus, enhanced with a touch of spicy amber, this fragrance has the mysterious charm of the eternal orient

Bouquet of roses: Warm, deep and summery, this is here revisited this flower of passion.

Wood and moss: Crumpled leaves, stems, roots, citrus peels for this woody note that leaves in its wake a note of green freshness.

Lily of the valley: This wonderful little flower brings happiness announces the triumph
of spring.

White flowers: Ode to the first flowers of summer, this brew of magnolia, honeysuckle and hawthorn, enhanced with notes of jasmine and syringa, is definitely refreshing.

Gourmet Fruit: A fragrance like a summer treat, with peach and apricot accents.Ambered lavender: Brewed lavender flowers raised with
a subtle amber note supported by the warm resonance of bergamot.

The garden of maryse: Sentimental fragrance with exquisite honeysuckle, linden and orange
blossom notes.

Irised gold: A perfect match for this bouquet of notes of jasmine and iris on a sandalwood background enhanced by ylang-ylang flower

Sweet orange: Softness and tenderness for this delicate scent of orange blossoms slightly raised with a note of white freesia and jasmine.

Powdered tea: Softness and tenderness for this delicate scent of orange blossoms slightly raised with a note of white freesia and jasmine.

Vetiver: Seductive scent, vetiver is here
worked with freshness, mixing lemons of Capri, bergamot and floral notes.

Gourmet violet: A shy flower, the first message of an announced spring, this flower blooms along the paths. This olfactory declination slightly sweet, awakens our memories of children’s delicacies.