About Ayako and wabi-sabi

Living according to the power and beauty of imperfection is living according to wabi-sabi. This Japanese philosophy derives tranquility and calmness from natural elements,
focusing on the gift that each day brings. Wabi-sabi returns to the essence, and that is also what we do with Ayako.


However, it's not just the products you find on our Japanese webshop that honor this Japanese ideology. Artist Rachid Khimoune brings wabi-sabi to life with his artwork of
the Japanese girl Ayako - the inspiration behind our name and logo.

The artwork Ayako from Les enfants du monde

In his series 'Les Enfants du Monde,' Rachid Khimoune created 21 children representing
post-industrial cities. Each child symbolizes a different culture and reveals the identity of that city. Ayako is the child of Tokyo. She embraces the wabi-sabi way of life, just like us.

The name consists of two parts. 'Aya' represents color or design, while 'Ko' means child.

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