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Handmade wallet with belt
Material: 100% organic cotton
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About the brand

Kaktusmaffian is a fashion brand dedicated to
producing the highest quality handmade bags. They are known for their unique and beautiful designs and are the result of passionate and  committed to implementing more sustainable
and responsible practices while remaining committed to presenting colorful
collections. Kaktusmaffian was founded in 2016.

About the designer

Swedish-born designer, Jessica Dufwa has travelled the globe since childhood. A decade ago, she settled in the Riviera Maya where her
brand, “Kaktusmaffian” was born in 2016. Her inspiration comes from the simple and efficient nature of Scandinavian design and the sumptuous and rich culture of the Mexican jungle, channeled through sustainability values and shaped by Jessica’s doctrine that knitting is “a long lost art form”. The products are pieced together by an intricate artisanal process that underlines the passion, dedication and emotion from within. High quality materials and timeless pieces encompass score standards of production and style, creating versatile designs for everyday life.

About the material

The products are handmade from local artisans using 100% Mexican cotton, we believe in sustainability and "slow fashion", which advocates for manufacturing processes that respect people, the environment and animals. Slow fashion involves local artisans and the use of eco- friendly materials. Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship.