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Materiaal: Gemaakt van dennenhout bedekt met Ijslandse schapenvacht, korte wol
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About the brand

Experience the natural beauty of the Danish designs, made from high-quality materials. NATURES
Collection is a Danish brand that values quality and carefully selects the best
suppliers. The premium sheepskins create stunning pieces for homes worldwide,
each product telling its own unique story, crafted with the finest materials
and craftsmanship in their own workshop and studio.

The sheepskins
are among the world's best, with undeniable quality. In the Made In Denmark
collection, you can witness how these high-quality sheepskins can create
beautiful pieces for homes worldwide.

We exclusively
work with materials that meet our standards of quality, image, and
sustainability, ensuring thorough inspection of each item's appearance and feel
before reaching the shelves.

Collection aims to make brilliant design and style accessible to a wide
audience. Inspired by New Nordic Living and deeply rooted in the heart of
Denmark, we strive to bring Nordic design and inspiration to customers around
the world.

We also strive to
create sustainable designs that stand the test of time, both in terms of design
and durability.

The products are
designed in-house and sold through a growing network of distributors in over 70

While the
products may vary in appearance, they never compromise on durability, quality,
or originality – and we are confident that you will recognize these efforts when
you touch, feel, and experience the quality of NATURES Collection.

About sustainability

Fur is a sustainable and biodegradable material that should not be wasted due to
misleading activism. NATURES Collection focuses on animal welfare and
sustainability, using fur as a byproduct of the meat industry. Fur garments can
last for decades and eventually biodegrade, while synthetic materials remain in
landfills for centuries. Choosing biodegradable fur over petrochemical-based
synthetics is a more environmentally-friendly option. Fur is a resource that
respects nature's ecosystem and plays a role in the battle against climate
change. The fur industry minimizes waste by utilizing the entire animal and
providing a minimum of waste. Fur is a part of the natural food chain, where
weaker animals are used as nutrition for others. NATURES Collection believes in
using natural materials that can degrade themselves or be reused, prioritizing
the Earth's vital resources. Fur contributes to sustainable fashion by being
biodegradable and avoiding environmental risks associated with synthetic
materials. It is a misconception that fur is wasteful, as many fur skins come
from the regulation and meat industries, ensuring that the animal's remains are
utilized. NATURES Collection is committed to both sustainability and animal
welfare, making fur a green choice.