About Ayako

The Japanese lady 'Ayako' welcomes each and one of you in the boutique led by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy.

The philosophy

Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it 'the present'. Wabi-sabi focusses on the present that every day brings and embraces the idea of transience. Nothing will remain as it is. It brings us back to the nature and remembers us what we can learn from her. A tree does not think about getting older, It is growing. Like our products are growing day by day, embracing the simple beauty of decay.

The name

The artwork 'Ayako' from Rachid Khimoune is one of his series 'L'enfant du monde'. Like an archaeologist, he made castings from 21 post-industrial cities. It reveals the identity of the city and every child symbolises a different culture. These monumental bronze sculptures of children from every continent are dressed with modern roots that are the imprints of urban grounds and manhole covers from all the capital cities where Rachid Khimoune "met his children".

Ayako is his Japanese child standing close to the boutique, embracing the wabi-sabi philosophy. The name 彩 (aya) means "colour", or "design", combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Like a colourful child the boutique is filled with the large spectrum of colors present in the nature surrounding us.

Our mission

We strive for qualitative, sustainable and handmade items to warm your soul. The translation of the word "soul" in Japanese is 'tamashi'. We bring the soul in your home. Contact below to visit the boutique and decorate your own home.

Hof ter Groene Walle

The boutique is located in Hof ter Groene Walle, where you can also find an art gallery and a pub. It was the original residence of the farmhouse which was expanded at the end of the 18th century/beginning of the 19th century with a milk house. This extension is also part of the boutique.

More information

The boutique

The boutique can be visited by appointment only. Check our calender to see when it suits you best.

Kunstschildersweg 5, 9840 De Pinte

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