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Mini bandsaw tray S

Mini bandsaw tray S

Mini KITO tray
Materials: Tochi (horse chestnut) and liquid glass coating
Mini bandsaw trays are crafted from the inner-core wood pieces that are left over from the production of KITO bandsaw trays, which would otherwise go to waste. These mini trays can be utilized as serving trays for snacks or as organizers for stationery such as pens. The inner edge of the tray is thoughtfully curved, making it convenient to pick up items with fingertips.

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Aizawa Wood Works

About Kito

At the boutique, you can purchase the product series “KITO”, which means “with tree” when translated from Japanese. It represents the philosophy that we must spend our daily life in touch with the essence of the wood. The founders believe that the feeling of comfort that only solid wood can bring, is essential to live a peaceful life. They strive to create products that offer comfort and hope that people can respect and appreciate nature.

Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship.

About the designer

OJI Masanorin is born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1974. After working in an architect office and a graphic design office, he became a handicraft designer. His works expand from designing a variety of Japanese handicraft products, making graphic designs of ongoing works, to developing the branding of his product families in an integrated manner. He designs based on the upbringing of a handicraft item with an eye in the destiny of that particular product. He also handles the product design and the development of the brand “FUTGAMI” and co-organizes a series of exhibitions of Japanese handicraft products of medium-scale production, named “TE TE TE Traders” Expo. In 2015, he became the juror of the Takaoka Craft Competition and became the chief juror the next year.