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Metropolitan chair

Metropolitan chair

Handcrafted design chair
Designer: David Krynauw
Materials: Oak and leather

Handcrafted wood meets Danish design in this chair. Artfully rounded corners and the space created within the form itself lends a sculptural aspect to the design aesthetic. 

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About the brand

Piffany Copenhagen is a Danish design company committed to bringing unique designs to life through ethical, considered craftsmanship. Striving to achieve the balance between functional practicality and minimal elegance, every part of every piece has purpose and personality.

They believe that the way a product is as important as the idea that led to its creation because every aspect of design matters.

They collaborate with both new and established artists and designers to create beautiful pieces that bring their own personality to their function.

About Uyuni Lighting

As the largest Salt Flats on earth, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a stretch of stark mineral-crusted landscape, contrasted by a vibrant blue skyline by day, and an opulent star-studded canvas by night. Adding to its spell is the fact that after a little rain, the flats transform into the largest mirror on earth, reflecting any and everything in sight.

It is here, in the enchanting reflections, that the designers found inspiration for the patent pending LED Uyuni Candles – as they dared to dream of bringing the allure of these distant galaxies into homes across the globe.

Owing to the crystal clean air and the lack of light pollution above the flats, the night sky is a calming vision of sheer sparkling beauty and this innovative range of handcrafted, wax LED Candles have been designed to delight the senses in a similar sentiment.

About Ekta Living

EKTA is a Danish design brand with its legs firmly planted in the Nordic design tradition. 

They design timeless products with longevity, based on the philosophy that each and every design should be able to do more than you immediately expect.

They find inspiration in the world around us, and most importantly the nature surrounding us. Therefore, they need to look after the globe and the people who live in it.

Truly beautiful designs deserve to be made by hand, not a machine, and they are honoured to have found skilled craftsmen creating each piece.

About Mr. Wattson

Meet Mr. Wattson with his powerful LED bulb that will brighten any room while his 139 glass dimples create an inviting ambience.