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Jogger for men

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Wabi-Sabi philosophy

Wabi Sabi is a lifestyle and attitude that celebrates the beauty of imperfection.
Typical characteristics of the modern Wabi Sabi aesthetic include organic shapes, rough textures, earthy colors, simple styling and a sense of authenticity. It's closely aligned with the appreciation of nature and simplicity in everything. Our forever love for handmade and minimalist pieces is embracing this Japanese concept perfectly. Feeling blessed to support our
local artisans with their beautiful handcraft in Bali, our slow fashion
collection is ethically made out of natural fabrics. The reason we are so passionate about Wabi Sabi is how it makes us feel. It is a design & lifestyle that leans fully into the celebration of simplicity, quality and the acceptance
of nature - the rawness of life. The thought of less is freedom for us. Wabi Sabi is more than a fashion & lifestyle trend, it’s a way of living. 

MYSAYANG means my love 

Love that reveals itself in the living personality of natural fabrics, simple lines, the timeless range of our own hand-dyed colors and our natural stone wash finishing. Merging with the matching pieces and high standard quality of only natural fabrics, your MYSAYANG style will dress you endless seasons and will “grow” with you.

Love that creates social responsibility and supports 20 local tailor families in Bali and all helping hands.

Love that always aims for new sustainable and better ways of production and distribution, such as hand loom fabrics, made without any use of electricity. They use one size fits, cause they don’t wanna cluster our bodies in sizes. Most pieces are unisex, all goodies are long-term wearable looks for humans. 

About the founder

ANYA: the founder and creative

She worked for 12 years for Marc O’Polo as a creative director.

When the huge earthquake came in Tokyo 2011, that finally woke her up to her reality. 

She walked into a shopping center with hundreds of meters on Sale collections and just one thought popped up in her head: “Who is buying all this fast fashion bulk? It's gonna need to stop.".

She stopped working for Marc O’ Polo and kept traveling the world for 1,5 years and stranded in Bali and finding my new home on the island of gods.

There she created her MYSAYANG studio, surrounded by black sand lava beaches, the highest palm trees and ruled by the raw beauty of nature. Nestled on the undiscovered west coast of Bali, and yet untouched by any crowds, she started designing all the goodies by herself and producing them by supporting local artisans on the island.

What started with some single collection pieces for herself and friends, became her slow fashion island brand MYSAYANG.

All pieces are only made to order and therefore they honor the resources of mother earth and invite you to return to the joy of slow living.

With MYSAYANG, established in 2017, she found her way back to her passion to work creative & design looks that never follow a trend. Every MYSAYANG collection is inspired by the nature in Bali, combined with the contrast of the pulsating energy of big cities.