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Stien Demeulenaere

Lamp with base

Lamp with base

Table lamp with base
Materials: copper, handmade paper and needle lace with linen thread
Cable length: 130cm

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Stien Demeulenaere

About Stien

Stien Demeulenaere is a Belgian artist. She uses paper and mixed media textile materials to create original structures and fragile works. The nature present in her own surrounding, is her greatest inspiration. She teaches her to collect, observe and contemplate.

About the collection

Stien makes artworks, jewelery, stationary books and lightning.

Each piece is unique.

She embraces the impermanence of nature in her collection that are full of traces, structures and references to fragility.

Materials and process

Materials are earthy and tactile, textiles are fine, delicate, fragile, soft or hard.

The hands move, work, edit, rework often processual, artisanal and at the same time intuitive, direct and emotional.

Stien uses different materials, like wax, horse hair and textiles.